In the Lincolnshire Area we have regular meetings and events which cater for all interests and age groups. Our members cars range from the earliest Mk 1 to the latest editions , some unmodified and some very much 'tweaked'. If you are an MX-5 enthusiast we are sure you will enjoy the benefits of joining our group. The MX-5 is considered by many motoring journalists (including Clarkson) to be one of the best handling cars in the world regardless of price and the best way of enjoying such excellence is to get onto some interesting roads and just drive! In our area we are fortunate enough to have some of the quietest roads in the country, ideal for exploiting the handling qualities of our little cars. The main focus from March to October is to do just that and we try to have at least one Sunday drive each month with picnic or pub lunch. Throughout the year we meet on the last Wednesday of each month just to chat about cars and anything else. (check upcoming events for location as it does change from time to time). During the winter months we have regular Sunday pub lunches across the area. We usually go as a group to the National & Spring rallies probably staying over for a few days. We have also arranged various weekends away and holidays to Scotland, France and Germany. Please feel free to join us at any event you will be made most welcome.

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Area Co-ordinator(s) Greg Winter
Membership Size 101-200
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