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#41 Posted : 06 December 2018 16:27:35(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: GeriAtric Go to Quoted Post
This may be of interest to others who do not tuck their fives away for the winter.
There is a nearby Asda Superstore to me with an Automated Car Wash which has the
capacity to wash the underside of the vehicles at a little extra cost.
I wait until there is little chance of more salt going on the roads,give it a
few weeks for the system to clear the salty water away and then run my fives
through once a year.The rest of the year they are hand washed.


Didn't want to start a thread so piggy backed this...


Should I jet wash under the car or hose down and will I gain anything,and if so should I wait for a dry day so it has chance to dry or after a wet day to clean it down...don't fully understand what conditions form rust..

#42 Posted : 06 December 2018 18:58:11(UTC)

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I think posters are saying you can jet wash the undersides to remove salt and winter grime before putting your car away, laying up. Like washing the bodywork let it dry or go for a drive, obviously on a dry day to chase out that water. Yes it may not always be possible now winter is here but you get the idea.

A car left wet with salt on the undersides you can bet will eat the metal away much more quickly than one that at least has been washed down.  Of course far better if a car has been well undersealed, less chance of the dreaded rust getting to work.


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Paul W
#43 Posted : 06 December 2018 19:14:28(UTC)
Paul W

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My car lives outside anyway, so "before putting it away" doesn't really apply here.

Not so much of a problem in truth. The last couple of week's weather caused a great deal of condensation to form on everything in my unheated but normally dry, brick built garage (including on my other car and motorbikes). I left the door open for most of a day to dry everything out. The cars outside were already dried off by the wind and fresh air.
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Jonny mx5
#44 Posted : 06 December 2018 19:56:19(UTC)
Jonny mx5

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Covered up in garage roll on spring
#45 Posted : 07 December 2018 00:18:00(UTC)

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Guys, in a previous life I had a lot to do with corrosion. 

Firstly corrosive salts, and I don't just mean actual Sodium Chloride, but any corrosive elements are at their most concentate, so most corrosive just before they dry out. So moisture actually makes them worse. 

So, following that on, unless you can actually wash them fully out, squirting your car with water may give exactly the opposite results to what you think. 

The bodywork has many nooks and crannies in which corrosive salts get deposited. Chassis rails have a number of holes. Squirting water at them can just keep them wet and also renergise the salts by keeping them moist, chasing them further into cavities or simply not touch them.

It is the internal parts you need to worry about not the bits you can squirt a bit of water at. 

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Countryboy on 07/12/2018(UTC)
#46 Posted : 07 December 2018 10:08:49(UTC)

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Had to laugh at the OP thread. I have done the opposite. Just sold my Leon Cupra and bought an mx5. My mx5 is for all year use :) 

#47 Posted : 07 December 2018 10:41:52(UTC)

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Nick is spot on about the presence of water assisting chemical action.  Think of a battery; it doesn't work if dry.

I lived in Africa for a while and the numbers of truly ancient cars about was amazing, they just didn't rust, even those that dissolved in just a few years in the UK, eg the 1950s Vauxhalls and my Dad's Morris Isis. 

I sold the 1957 Isis in 1996 when he died, and it was still rust free and still on original shells and cylinder bores at 340,000 miles, admittedly it had problems with the BorgWarner overdrive, and some of the spot welds needed re-spotting, but rust free.  This was simply because it only rained during about four months of the year in the middle of summer and then generally for about an hour just after midday three or four days a week, followed by baking sunshine to dry everything off.  Winters were bone dry, RH often below 10%, barely even a dew or frost cover at sunrise despite it being freezing.

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#48 Posted : 07 December 2018 11:50:11(UTC)

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Hi Folks,

Interesting thread. I have owned four MX5's over the last fifteen or so years, and they have all been used all year round.

I owned my MK1 for eight years and it was used every day, all year round, whatever the weather. It served me amazingly well, never ever let me down, and still looked remarkably good both bodywork-wise, and underneath, when I sold it. It was seven years old when I bought it, but I waxoyled it as soon as I got it - and re-treated it on more than one occasion. It lived in a lean to with an open front - so always had some air movement around it, which I guess may have helped.

My current MK3 Sport is also used all year - still living in the open fronted lean to, but with its hardtop fitted for the winter months. I now work from home, so it sometimes does not have to go out every day, but it is still technically my 'every day' car.

I have loved every one of my MX5's and have looked after each one to the best of my ability - waxoyled underneath - bodywork always kept polished and as clean as the weather conditions will allow!

MX5's are brilliant fun to drive, and I don't think it really matters whether they are used as a summer toy, or an every day car - as long as we enjoy them!!


Chris Phillips
#49 Posted : 07 December 2018 15:21:59(UTC)
Chris Phillips

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I can understand why some people want to put away their 5s for the Winter - avoiding all that nasty road salt for one.  But having been a mechanic in a past life, I have seen the problems with not using a car for months on end at first hand.

Clutches can seize up (the driven plate can get 'stuck' to the flywheel) - the brake calipers / wheel cylinders can seize up too.  Basically anything that relies on movement can throw a spanner in the works come springtime.

Personally, I think actually 'using' a car is the best way to keep everything moving the way it should - just avoid frosty / snowy weather when the council will be out with the gritting lorries.   

Our current MX-5 is a 2008 2.0L Sport Roadster-Coupe in Galaxy Grey, with black alloys (a bit unusual and truly scrumptious !).
My wife's company Scirocco has been returned now, and she has bought a lovely 2016 Mazda 3 of her own (that should slow her down a bit !).
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