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Topic: south east areas' split up.   Go to last post
Posted: 06 March 2018 23:03:57(UTC)

Originally Posted by: IanH Go to Quoted Post

When the Area Coordinator Liaison requests it we can make it so... 


Why are you waiting for a request from me? I’ve asked, a while back, the clever bods in charge of such technical things to make the changes. As far as I knew it was in hand. No idea why anyone is waiting on little old me!? 


Well... if it makes it happen.... consider the changes requested! :) 



Topic: NW England Manchester area and Surrounding Areas   Go to last post
Posted: 03 July 2017 10:32:10(UTC)


The Manchester Local Area is currently "between Area Co-ordinators".


I am happy to report that I have been approached by a willing volunteer. Who is looking in to trying to put together a 'Manchester Meet'.


If a cohesive local group of likeminded Manchester MX-5 enthusiasts can be assembled around that endeavour then I am sure the Manchester Area can regain a foothold and with a new AC at the helm become a thriving area.



I will give him a heads up and hopefully he can turn your interest into some local momentum 

Topic: Facebook page   Go to last post
Posted: 13 April 2017 13:45:39(UTC)
The 'Manchester Mx5' group you refer to was originally part of our club. It was established by a group that sought to represent our members in the Manchester region.

Unfortunately the 'owners' of said club decided to break their affiliation with the MX-5 Owners Club after the local area had been officially recognised by the Owners Club.

This has resulted in there being no local Area Co-ordinatior for the Manchester 'Local Area'.

As a result of this there is a process underway to return the Manchester postcode areas to the oversight of surrounding Area Co-ordinations so that members in the Manchester area can be represented.

Look out for an official posting about this after the Spring Rally.

We certainly have no objection to any owner, club member or otherwise, becoming a member or participant in MMX5's in Manchester. However, as above, this group is not affiliated with the MX-5 OC in any way.

Topic: OK, I give in! Rally gift question   Go to last post
Posted: 07 October 2016 16:12:41(UTC)
Ohhhhh I thought it was the older one.

Ignore me. I'm obviously going senile!
Topic: OK, I give in! Rally gift question   Go to last post
Posted: 07 October 2016 08:12:59(UTC)

Originally Posted by: Pete George Go to Quoted Post

And yes, it took me a while to figure how to open it and even then I didn't notice the hole to put the extension piece into. I was sitting there thinking what's the point of this if you need a separate screwdriver body, before I finally made the connection. I think the club did this deliberately to keep the old farts occupied for an hour or two.... 


I can confirm this to be 100% true... 


(The above statement may be a lie)


Topic: OK, I give in! Rally gift question   Go to last post
Posted: 07 October 2016 08:09:46(UTC)

Of course, you know that 'medallion' is actually a 'trolley token'....

Topic: Catering at the National   Go to last post
Posted: 04 October 2016 08:16:29(UTC)

Originally Posted by: kulashaker Go to Quoted Post

We all know the organisers have no control over the  catering.  I could have paid £10 to get into the trackside cafe, but I wasnt interested in the racing.    Catering does seem to be a recurring downside, as it is at most events of this type.  Id love to come up with some constructive criticism that didnt  sound like Im disrepecting the organisers, but I don't know what the answer is.  Im just gratefulthat people are willing to give up their time for the sake of the club and enjoyment of its members. 

I actually much prefer the rallies where you can get away from the cars and traders for a while, and go back later,  which is why I loved Sandringham.   I felt a little hemmed in at Donnington.  


Constructive criticism is how we learn and improve. You are right, we do have a struggle at our events to convince venues and catering vendors that the event will be genuinely HUGE. Thankfully we can now present a growing 'portfolio' of previous events and that should help us to get the right caterers in place in future. 


Speaking of the future, next year we will be 'back' at Gaydon. Except of course, they have rebuilt Gaydon so it will actually be like a whole new venue! BUT we get to deal with the same venue management team that we dealt with in 2014. So when we say 2000 cars, they will believe us. Sneaky huh ;)



Topic: Catering at the National   Go to last post
Posted: 04 October 2016 08:11:03(UTC)

Originally Posted by: Gerryn Go to Quoted Post
I spoke to someone who told me Donny charged for every stand and insisted on it, so my comment would be - forget Donny in future. If you wanted to sell anything - you had to pay at least £12. (hence the charge for anyone selling stuff from a car.)


Not sure who you heard that from. I can see a grain of truth in it so I can see how the confusion may come about. But that's not strictly true. Donington charged us by the space we used. So yes you could say that every 'stand' came with a cost. But the reality is a little different. Every square meter came at a price. So that includes the main arena, the public car park, the launchpad building..... The list goes on... As usual and as I am sure you would expect all of our excellent MX5 traders paid for their pitches.


The reality of the situation is that any club would simply not have the budget to put on such an amazing event at such a prestigious venue and then give away trading spaces for free. Our valued traders pay a reasonable market price to attend such a prestigious event. That's how any event of this type works. We've outgrown the cheaper, less scary, event options.


Autojumble pitches were quite reasonably priced at £12 per pitch. So that might be where you go that figure from? But, did you see the huge pitches that bought? Quite impressive. Compare that to the price of a very small autojumble pitch at say the NEC, any other large car event, or even your local car boot sale. Cheap as chips! Everyone that had an autojumble pitch, that I spoke to, covered their £12 in the first hour. I know of at least one autojumbler who managed to sell goods to a value of a reasonably sized three figure sum.



Topic: Catering at the National   Go to last post
Posted: 03 October 2016 23:30:45(UTC)
The one area of the rally that we had zero control of was...... catering.

Donington hold the catering contract and they insist that they provide all catering services. We were unable, under the terms of our contact with the venue, to invite any of our own catering vendors. We were provided with catering by the venue and had no control over quantity, price, type, etc.

Personally I felt that the catering provided by the venue was.... below expectations.
Topic: The ultimate parking spot   Go to last post
Posted: 01 October 2016 08:35:56(UTC)

Only just saw this thread. So too late now.  


Maybe another time....? Any interest in a car with a set of well spaced Slipstreams?


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