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Topic: Gerry's sale comments   Go to last post
Posted: 19 January 2019 17:50:09(UTC)
Powered wheelchairs are getting very clever, but very expensive (a law suit might pay for ours), as I am finding out (mother was struck down by strep-mediated spinal cord stroke two years ago, 2 months later, dad got his Alzheimers Diagnosis AND Macular Degeneration. Imagine not being able to see AND not recognising objects)

Make one:


Topic: Can I fit MK1 calipers into my 1.6 mk2?   Go to last post
Posted: 19 January 2019 17:34:26(UTC)
OC discount from Autolinkuk more or less covers the VAT (bit less), making those calipers a bargain. Remanufactured calipers better than brand new pattern calipers.

Most mechanics can fit the calipers, but many have problems setting them up; they can call Autolinkuk for advice.
Topic: Can I fit MK1 calipers into my 1.6 mk2?   Go to last post
Posted: 19 January 2019 16:34:50(UTC)
I wouldn't bother with used calipers.

Remanufactured calipers:


The caliper stayed the same, just the disc and the caliper mounting bracket changed, going from 1.6 to 1.8.
Topic: ABS sensor for 1992 1600 Eunos Roadster wanted   Go to last post
Posted: 19 January 2019 09:33:37(UTC)
These are pattern parts listed for 1992 Miatas

But maybe worth checking with miataforum; more early ABS cars there. Normally, with part numbers, if its just the suffix changed, its backward compatible. This might be an exception. Rockauto are pretty good delivering to the UK.

If removing the ABS, again, check with the Americans, as they need to remove ABS for SpecMiata etc. Hint of what is needed here:

"Keith" might be more responsive about what to do, as he works for Flyin' Miata. So the options are new master cylinder and replace all the lines except that fiddly line at the back, or do some modification to the existing lines, that no doubt a MOT inspector will hate. Fitting a new master cylinder might be cheaper than trying to track down the unicorn early ABS sensors. Or taking a risk on fairly pricey pattern parts.
Topic: Exporting UK reg Eunos   Go to last post
Posted: 17 January 2019 19:13:38(UTC)
There was a recent thread about this:

There is at least one Maltese member of the forum with an import:

Also a Maltese owner was a MOTM:


Email address there.

The Maltese MX5 Club seems defunct:
Topic: Caring for Electric windows / Soft Top MX5-MD in icy conditions   Go to last post
Posted: 17 January 2019 12:41:13(UTC)
Its good practice, but I suspect on modern cars (MD? ND?),EC Type Approval regulations mean that power window mechanisms have built in sensors that sense loads. JDM Roadsters back in the day had 1-touch drivers side windows. Europe didn't, because the Japanese system was kind of dumb, creating the risk of injury or death, because power would continue to be applied to the window even if there was a blockage (eg. kids head).

If the glass was freezing to the rubber, then you have trouble getting into the car. Happens to me every winter on the NA, but then. on days like that, the entire lock mechanism is frozen up.
Topic: NB 2.5 (1.6l) manifold / exhaust upgrade   Go to last post
Posted: 17 January 2019 07:34:59(UTC)
The only NB 1.6 headers available are from Japan, eg. D-Technique. Likely you will need to get an exhaust fabricated.
Topic: Mk 1 mx5 - what primer was used on classic red?   Go to last post
Posted: 16 January 2019 20:56:08(UTC)
The Halfords Red won't match, unless you are getting the custom mix.

Warning on sills; if you see bubbles in the paint, which when rubbed back reveal unusually bright metal, look very carefully foe a tiny pin hole in the metal. Sills rust from inside; I have seen on cars the pin hole forming, and the weeping water will lift the paint like a small bleb. It doesn't mean the sill is going to instantly disintegrate, but perhaps a hint not to spend too much time on a paint finish.
Topic: Mk 1 mx5 - what primer was used on classic red?   Go to last post
Posted: 16 January 2019 19:54:28(UTC)
Mhy red roadster was owned by a tuning shop owner, who machine polished it every month. All the edges showed white primer.

As I recall, body shops worked with 3 different shades of SU red.
Topic: Which Bushes   Go to last post
Posted: 16 January 2019 00:42:12(UTC)
Lets be clear, the 60,0000 mile claim came from Norman Garrett the Third, in his MX5 tuning book, paraphrasing a question he as "one of Mazda's top suspension engineers". Norm then goes on to show how to change bushings with some old bits of pipe, a MX5 tiedown, bolts and washers. Norman wasn't the guy who designed the MX5, nor likely the engineer he apparently spoke was the guy who designed the MX5 suspoension. He might have been one of 100 suspension engineers, doing bits and bobs.

Norman's LinkedIn profile:

He's a Georgia Tech graduate who shows up on the Miata project I guess around 1985, with some authors describing him having substantial motorsport experience. I'm not sure how. He describes himself as a "studio engineer" on the project, other sources describe him as a packaging engineer. He''s become well known in the MX5 world as he founded the Miata Club of America (before the car was launched, astute move) and founded Miata magazine (the whole club/magazine story went a bit south later on). I guess if he didn't write the book etc, he would have been less remembered.

Anyhow, I'm not sure "60,000 miles" means anything. You might notice an improvement at 40,000. Over the years, I have seen plenty of MX5s, with lots of miles, and the bushings are all in good condition . It varies from car to car. My S-Limited 2 has lead a hard life, for 270k kms. The bushes, all original, are "fine", in terms of condition. No rattles. If I changed them out; would I notice the difference? Maybe, maybe not.
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