14 August-   Ian and Irene’s drive

“Over the wolds and not so far away”dsc_0101-001-adj dsc_0148-001-adjdsc_0198-001-crop

Frequently, mid August is quiet as many members can be away on holiday but this was an exception to the rule. Maybe the reputation of previous Ian & Irene drives lured everyone out. 26 cars arrived at Market Rasen Tesco and caused quite a stir in the car park and we were pleased to welcome several new members. Rather than trying to keep the whole group together Ian preferred to split us into two groups and have a staggered start. Ian & Irene led the first group and Ernie & Chris the second 10 minutes later. Once clear of Mkt Rasen we turned off the main road down a picturesque lane I don’t remember driving before. The route progressed well through some quiet and fun to drive roads at a comfortable pace. We eventually caught up with some from the first group who had taken a wrong turn. All part of the fun and everyone made it to the picnic stop at Legbourne. One of the biggest picnic circles we have had and the only downside of that being you don’t actually get a chance to talk to everyone. After lunch we headed west over the wolds again remaining mostly in sight of the Belmont TV transmitter and eventually to the regular ice cream finale at Willingham where we can have a last chat before heading home. Thanks to Ian & Irene for another well planned and fun day out.

MX-5 Owners Club