Wilf & I arrived early for the Xmas Lunch at the Remedy Oak Golf Club.  Good job that we did as it took quite a while sorting out the Xmas cards we had taken to give.  Fortunately there was a notice board with all guests names written up.  “Now which table number are they sat at? “ Thanks to Pam Cooper for the tip to write the table number on each envelope (saves walking back & forth to check each time!)
Thanks must go to Jean Tulloch who had organised the lunch.  50 members enjoyed a good 3 course meal with lots of fun & social chit chat.  Well done to Table 2 who won the photographic quiz.  We all know who watches the most soaps now!
At the end of the afternoon Hils & Pete thanked Jean and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.  New coordinator Harvey  Ringrose presented the retiring coordinators  Hils & Pete, with a gift from Wessex members in recognition of their hard work and enthusiasm over the past 3 years.
Lastly , Hils and Pete presented me with flowers and a gift voucher to thank me for my work on the newsletter.  As I have said many times I am happy to be the Editor as long as members enjoy reading  it each month AND I get the articles, news and photos sent to me so –  KEEP THEM COMING!!.                                                                                       Al

MX-5 Owners Club