Ace Cafe

This year we have an evening slot at the Ace Cafe from 6pm, and I’ve also created a route through central London taking in some bridges, tunnels, and landmarks finishing up at the Thames Barrier.

The Ace Cafe London is a mecca for bikers and car fans. Originally a transport Cafe, the Ace Cafe London was originally made famous by bikers in the 50’s & 60’s and even now is full of car and bike meets everyday of the week.

The format for this meet will follow along the same lines as previous years. We have parking for fifty cars which will be allocated on a first come first served basis. There is usually space to park outside of the car park, but this of course cannot be guaranteed. If you do not have a car park pass you will be refused entry to the car park …… you can of course still be part of the meet and eat in the Cafe, you’ll just have to park outside the car park.

The start point for the main convoy is:

McDonalds Car Park on A12 (J28), CO4 5HH
Please be ready to depart promptly at 4pm
Birchanger Green Services M11/A120 (J8) CM23 5QZ 
Please be ready to depart here at 5pm
The end point is of course :
Ace Café, North Circular, Stonebridge, London, NW10 7UD.
You will need a car park pass to gain access to the car park.
We will of course try to stay in convoy, but as most of you will know this is not always possible.
There are a high number of safety cameras en-route, so please be aware of speed limits and traffic lights at all times.
Have more fun!
Please can you email me your name, car reg and meeting location (A12, M11, or Ace Cafe) – and I’ll add you to the list below.
Name Meet Location Car Reg
Beckie & Edy  M11
Peter & Carol  M11
Gary & Sam A12 MX5 6ARY