Daffodil drive

We were very lucky again this year to have a dry day for this now annual event. Being the first drive of the year it’s always very popular and 33 cars appeared in the Tesco car park creating quite a spectacle for the early shoppers. Attempting to keep all  33 cars together was never going to work so we split into 3 groups, thanks to Ian & Irene and George & Nes for leading the following groups. We had spent quite some time during the winter modifying the previous run so we could accommodate a new lunch venue and avoid some roads where the surface had deteriorated badly. All went well until apparently the local council had reinstated a road sign causing us to take a wrong turning resulting in an unscheduled tour of the former RAF Brookenby. Fortunately we were able to take a circular route which took us back onto the correct course. The following groups also suffered a similar detour.  All part of the fun really, although not a regular occurrence thankfully. All 52 of us finally arrived at the Olde Barn Tealby for lunch where our cars completely filled their car park.


MX-5 Owners Club