‘It’s easy to conceive a concept, but to maintain it and keep it relevant – now that’s the hard part’


It’s not every day you get to sit down and eavesdrop on a conversation between two of the great minds behind the Mazda MX-5, let alone get an in depth insight into what was going through the minds of those at the company when the car was being built. Luckily today is such a day, however, as Mazda USA released a video at the launch of the ND back in ’14 and we thought it was worth digging up and sharing with you.

Talking about how the Miata came about and the challenges the team faced is really a treat, especially when spoken about by these friends, colleagues and drivers of the project. From their design office in a Taco Bell restaurant to issues with over demand and why yellow was never a launch colour, this really is a fascinating watch.

So sit back, relax and listen to two great minds discuss one great sports car.




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