Coming up at our 2017 National Rally will be the chance for you to get involved in a fantastic Special Edition Display.

The best part about our National Rally being held at the British Motor Museum is that there is plenty of space – and we intend to use it. In 2014 we had an incredible colour coded display of early MX-5 and at this years event we are planning to have a display of at least one of every UK Special Edition of the MX-5, spanning all the generations from the earliest Limited Edition MK1 through to the very latest RF.



We’d love for you to get involved and bring your MX-5 along for the show, there will be a limited edition momento for only and all owners in this display as a gesture of thanks. Sign up for the display via our National Rally website or by clicking the image below to head to the sign up screen.

Even if getting involved in the display isn’t for you, you’re still welcome to the event. Find out more about our National Rally by clicking HERE.


MX-5 Owners Club