The forum is a great place to get support with your car, help with projects or simply just to talk about that new MX-5 you picked up. Our forum is busier than the M25 at rush hour so it can be easy to miss some of the active threads – not to worry as we’ve lined up some of our favourites for you below.

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Five years in the abyss, I’m back

The clue is in the title with this one, forum user ‘Coleco’ has had five long years without an MX-5 and we’re glad that’s finally changed. Take a look at the full thread HERE.


Rikks VR-LTD Mk1 Import

Rikk has some big plans for his Eunos and thought he’d share some before photos ahead of a restoration and detailing job – the car looks great, Rikk, and we can’t wait to see the progress as it happens. There’s already been an immensely positive reaction, keep up to date on this great project in the thread HERE.


Considering buying a new MX5 RF

A popular one for members who are considering the new folding hardtop, with ‘Acemodder’ asking current owners what the pros and cons are of the RF. An enlightening and interesting read, as well as a prime example of the help that our members give each other on a daily basis. Interested to see what it’s like to own an RF? Click HERE.


National Rally – 24th September 2017

This one is for you, take a look HERE at all of the information you’ll need for or National Rally this September, or for more events you can view the full events area by clicking HERE.




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