With a design as classic and timeless as that of the MX-5 it can be hard to improve on such a successful formula, but that hasn’t stopped the team at Mazda HQ having a try over the years. What we’ve assembled for you below is a look at the best and the worst of the MX-5 concepts to have been run past the public for approval. Get ready for the good, the bad and the ugly (Mono Posto we’re looking at you).



2015 MX-5 Speedster

Mazda UK

A popular one amongst enthusiasts and one that we really wish had made production. While the lack of windscreen would throw up some day to day complexities and some dental updates courtesy of the nation’s bluebottle population, we really couldn’t care less. This Speedster concept looks fantastic and is the latest in a long line of such MX-5 concepts.



1995 Miata M Speedster 


A way of making a light car even lighter – chopping the windscreen in half. Back in 1995 the M speedster was a well received idea with some stylistic choices that hold up to this day, the fixed panel behind the seats gave the car a sporty and stripped back feel and still looks good. The large front driving lamps maybe less so, but from certain angles this concept still looks the business.



M Coupe

fab wheels digest

One way of making a small roadster stand out and grab attention is to make it a small coupe, and that’s exactly what Mazda did with the M coupe. Word is that this never made production but rumours in the darkest corners of the internet state that a small number were made exclusively for the Japanese market. Regardless the M coupe deserves a place on this list as it looks incredible and you’re likely never to see one. Plus it’s important to have some variation from all of the speedster type models Mazda turned out…



Mono Posto

Back to the speedsters we go then! This single seater concept based on Ferraris of old certainly provokes a reaction as we saw on our Facebook recently – one member saying it looked like a *ahem* marital aid… That said the mono posto is one of the more striking MX-5 concepts and looks a little uncomfortable to many eyes. Not one of your best looking concepts, Mazda…



MX-5 Superlight

Auto Evolution

A sleek appearance and clean lines made this NC concept a joy to behold and really making the platform look timeless (with a hint of SLR Stirling moss for good measure). The Superlight did what the Mono Posto couldn’t, i.e. be palatable and made us yearn once again for that ultra lightweight MX-5.



MX-5 Spyder


Unveiled at the same SEMA show as the speedster that began this list, the spyder looks like a rough and ready version of the MX-5 with some added aggression for good measure. Sporting the lightweight rag top roof which is a popular mod for many owners the spyder captured the hearts and minds of the community and was crying out to enter production. Luckily the mods were mostly skin deep and of the lot in this list the Spyder is likely the easiest to replicate on your own ND.



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