Imagine, if you will, a barn with over 30 MX-5s which contains all the special editions, upgrades and imports from Japan, the USA and wherever else you’d care to mention. Sounds like a fun place to be, right? Well this place actually exists…


And exists in Europe, no less. Umbria in Italy to be exact.

So we have the toys and we have the play area, now all that is left is to experience it. This is exactly what the lucky so and so’s form INFLUX magazine were lucky enough to do, and we can take you along on that journey too.

They’ve painstakingly and lovingly created a video of their trip with a voice over from Mr Miataland himself – Andrea Mancini. INFLUX make the bold claim that Mr Mancini is ‘without doubt the greatest MX-5 collector in the world’ and it’s hard to argue after seeing the content of Miataland, and what’s more Mancini promises to never sell any of the MX-5s as they are a part of his life now.

Take a look at the video below, and prepare to get seriously inspired. Owners Club trip to Miataland, anyone?!

You can read the full review on INFLUX by clicking HERE.




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