Mazda is a global company that has given us car fans so much to be thankful for that we can enjoy on the roads. From the MX-5 to the Rotary cars and even their other models Mazda is occupying a slice of the UK market with confidence, however these are only the UK models we are seeing.

As a global company they make different models to suit different markets – so, which are the most interesting or unusual Mazda cars that were never made available to the UK’s fine shores?

We’ve got the MX-5s you’ll be sad we never got and some other Mazda cars that you might be quite happy not to see on the roads. Here is what Mazda owners across the world are treated to that we can’t buy over here.


Car of the Year award Commemorative Edition

The clue is in the title with this one, to celebrate the NC MX-5 winning the Japanece car of the year award Mazda thought it right to commemorate the win with some special edition cars. The choice was between Copper Red Mica with black interior or Brilliant black with red interior, and both were offered with the 2.0L engine and a choice of either manual or auto boxes.


Mazda Flair

credit Mazda

Exclusively for the Japanese market this little boxy crossover type vehicle promises ‘a new excitement every time you ride’ in it. With 4WD and more storage space than any car should be able to have, we aren’t 100% sure who this is aimed at but it is an ‘interesting’ look at what the Japanese market gets aside from the MX-5. Since this car is only available in Japan make sure to turn on translate as you check it out on their website HERE.

If you thought the flair was wacky then wait till you see the other boxy offering further down this list.


MX-5 Blaze


The Japanese market seems to get a lot of the great cars and the highly specced ones too, no different is the NC Blaze edition. The blaze edition draws it’s inspiration from the idea of blinding light and sparkling appearance – hence the multitudes of chrome and clear parts, as well as the bright BBS wheels.

As with the JCOTY (I’m not typing that title out again) edition there were two colours – Radiant Ebony Mica (Deep red wine colour) and Highland Green Mica with a contrasting sand beige and black interior.


Mazda Carol

Credit Mazda


Cars, songs and other objects of beauty are often named after the fairer sex and Mazda has followed suit with…. the Carol!

Translated from the Japanese Mazda website ‘Carol is the birth of thinking the daily lives of the rider most’, now we’re not quite sure what that means or how it applies to dear Carol here, but we’re just thrilled that someone named a car Carol.

Take a look at her in all her beauty HERE.


Mazda Scrum Wagon

Credit Mazda

The opening line of the description for this car is ‘Stylish and Boxy exterior’, two words not often used in conjunction with one and another in regards to car design. In keeping with the little overhang philosophy of these modern Mazdas the scrum looks like an absolute dream to parallel park. Available in various guises one of these even comes with a roof spoiler, which seems ambitious.

Read more about this purple wonder on the Mazda website HERE – be sure to turn translation on.




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