Thanks everyone who joined us for this event.

Not quite as many stalls or cars as we had hoped for (probably due to the rotten weather forcast) but Raystede had put a lot of effort into the day and judging by the amount of people arriving we hope that they raised loads of money for a very good cause.

Best part of the day was the musical sit with the dogs.  Brilliant.  The music played and whichever dog was still standing when it stopped was out.  Hillarious stuff.  First prize went to Doug the dog.

Also I think the retro lamp stall was very interesting.  Anyone who saw it will remember it well.  Absolutely brilliant.

Unfortunately the rain came in quite quick so a lot of people made a hasty exit.  Anyone who has not visited Raystede before its worth seeing on a nice day.  lovely walks around the ponds and visiting the horses and donkeys etc.  Lovely cafe and all for a good cause.

MX-5 Owners Club