Our forum is a place where our members and other users can go to find a massive array of help and access to information. As such its one of the best places to go if you have a question about your MX-5 be it big or small.

Our forum is as active as it gets so we thought we’d bring you some of our favourite threads this week for you to enjoy. Don’t forget our forum is split into areas as well so you can find local specialists and get work done near you by people you can trust.

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NB 2.5 Gel Battery choice

If you’ve had issues finding the right battery for your NB then this is the thread for you, forum user ‘The Mechanic’ was curious about which battery was right for his 2.5 and he got the help he needed. Check out one of the hottest threads of the last few days HERE


Newbie owner tasks

Everyone has to start somewhere on the road to becoming a seasoned source of MX-5 knowledge, and this thread is just the place to start. User ‘old duffer’ was keen to pick up on some pearls of wisdom from existing owners – which is exactly what he got. If you’re a new owner or a encyclopaedia of the MX-5 this is what the forum is all about and you should check it out HERE.


Air induction – is it worth it?

Forum user ‘Lobbers63’ had a question about if it was worth fitting uprated induction to his NC, the answers were that it would sound nicer but performance may not be as noticeable. Have you got any experience with this? Get involved in the forum HERE.