Our Forum has been a busy this week with lots of people getting involved in all manner of MX-5 based chat. It’s impossible to see everything that’s going on so we thought we’d bring you some of our favourite threads so that you can jump right in!

NC Fuel pump noise

Access to help is what our forum is all about, so why not jump in on this young thread to help out user ‘v8pete’ with his NC. Currently his NC is putting out a high pitched whine from the Fuel pump, ever experienced this before? You can get involved and help pete out HERE.


NC heavy steering wheel is stealing all fun from my 5

It seems it’s the week for the NCs to go wrong, with ‘Lukas78’ reporting steering issues which are soaking up any and all chance of having fun in his NC. He launched a request yesterday for a bit of help with his 5 and luckily he has had plenty of responses. Take a look at the thread HERE to see how this issue became a thing of the past.


For sale – 1992 Eunos Roadster Vspec

Our Forum also has a strong buy & sell area, take this gorgeous ’92 Eunos for example. Lovingly maintained by ‘Wayne H’ in Sheffield this car is on sale for £3,000 and you can view the full thread HERE. No word of if it has sold, mind, but it’s worth a look. Also if you’re thinking of selling your 5 then you can take a look at what similar ones sold for, and you can also list yours.



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