We are used to shocking lap times and crazy manufacturer lap times to showcase the newest and best supercars, but let’s not forget those plucky and talented sods who can match the best from any supercar. Using just two feet, three pedals and a couple of brave pills even the humble MX-5 can set a frankly ridiculous lap time.

A ludicrous lap time needs a driver to match, and this is where Robert Serwanski steps in – setting a mind bending 07:58:07 with traffic. Imagine what he’d do without any obstacles or other drivers on track. What is also great to see is that he puts a GT3 RS driver to shame from his NC 2.0 Sport Roadster Coupé.

Obviously this car isn’t totally stock, but neither is it a frankenstein cup car – the full spec can be seen HERE. You might be wondering what Mr Serwanski does for a day job, he is a test driver for Koenigsegg, which may explain why he is so handy behind the wheel.

Anyway, enough of our talk – click below to watch the lap.