The Mazda MX-5 is one of the world’s favourite sports cars, with many people buying or jumping in a 5 for the enjoyment of a lightweight and nimble driving experience. Of course we don’t need to tell you this since you’re here is a site dedicated to recording the prices of classics at auction over the past 20 years and plotting their values, this helps with valuations of cars but also to see the true value of a car over time. Since a car is only worth what someone will pay for it, having a graph of values over time reveals in insight into a model’s history. Using results from some of the UK’s biggest auction houses the graph shows how prices of Mazdas have changed over time.

Take a look at what Mazdas are changing hands at UK auctions, simply click the graph to get a better look on

Mazda prices at auction

What we can see from the graph above is that the Cosmos are leaving the charge with the MX-5 and RX-7 typically a little further down the food chain. So what about the MX-5 market? How are the little two seaters fairing at auction?

The MX-5 market is a dynamic one with cars frequently changing hands and moving around more than other classics which stay in the family for generations. When MX-5s do change hands it is often through classifieds, selling between friends or even though the club. However we don’t often see them come up for auction, so when they do it is a good chance to see how the MX-5 market is fairing.

The graph below shows data for all MX-5 models and trims from the NA to the ND, and like we said before even though there aren’t a great many crossing the auction block, it is still interesting to see what they have sold for.

While the data clearly doesn’t show the values for MX-5s as a whole, merely a snapshot of what some models have sold for with a select few auction houses, it is interesting to see what sold for what price. Auction prices are always an interesting one, where a sale is made without an owner imparting a value upon you and telling you what they think their pride and joy is worth. You can grab a bargain at auction and this is what the graph is showing, so if you’re in the market for an MX-5 then I hope you find the above encouraging.

Take a look at the graph, engage with it and have a look at the individual data points and see why they fetched the price they did. Have you ever bought or sold an MX-5 at auction? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

MX-5 at Coys Autosport


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