Mazda on Track, the motorsport partner of the OC, has it’s annual Blyton Sprint on Saturday 9th September.


If you would like to join in on track, then we’d love for you to join us. You do not need any special equipment at all, other than a crash helmet (which we can rent you) to take part in this event. There is no mandatory roll bar requirement, beam breaker or even tape on your earth lead, just a big smile.

Now in its 5th year and is great fun, and you do not need to be fast to compete and win a trophy.

All licences and regulatory requirements are taken care of on the day and are included in the price. Of which OC members get a rather healthy discount with the discount codes that Peter McNicol has. (£110) e-mail Derek Higgs on for your code.

You get open-pit lane practice in the morning on the circuit you will be driving on. In the afternoon you will get 2 electronically timed practice runs, taken in turn with the other competitors, followed by 4 timed runs.

There is no class structure and we don’t care what car it is. If you want to turn up in the company Audi, that is fine by us, but MX-5’s are pretty near the top of the leader board. You get your own space on track, you are not wheel to wheel with anyone. It’s just you, the track and the stop watch… And all of your fellow competitors watching to see what time you record.

Trophies and prizes are awarded in 3 main categories and several minor ones. Best racing driver excuse and cone carnage are always hotly contested.

Please book on the MOT website with this link.—saturday-9th-september-2017-641-p.asp




There has never been a better time to join the Club!

The Rally is open to all with tickets available on the day priced at the Museums regular entry of £14 per person. MX-5 Owners Club members get FREE entry to the event with a guest, plus infield MX-5 parking and Museum access!!

Joining the Club before the 15th September is incredible value, membership is just £35 per year* if you are coming to the Rally this makes your year’s membership the equivalent to just £7!! What are you waiting for!?

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