Waking up to dull skies, the weather forecast  wasn’t very good.

The plan was all to meet at The Moorlands, Owler Bar on the outskirts of Sheffield. Burton & Lesley were on their jolly’s so once again our new leader was Alan. The second time in 2017 so we knew we were in safe hands.

Eight cars set off with tops down, even though the skies looked very black, (MUST BE MAD )

We headed towards Fox House, but then took a left turn taking us to the Peak District. Nothing much on the road but sheep and bikes. Roads made for MX5 drivers. Some of the roads were very narrow, we just hoped no one would be coming the other way. Alan knows Derbyshire like the back of his hand.

Heading towards Hope & Bamford we got held up at the back of the group but fortunately Alan waited (Thanks Love ) Passing the Travellers Pub, then turning right in Hope we headed towards Edale . A few spots of rain and very low cloud. Twisting and turning, up and up until we reached the top of MamTor.

Once at the top it felt we were on top of the world, down Winnats Pass then into Castleton. A road closure made Alan have to do a detour, but like good sheep we just followed. Ending up back at the Travellers Pub after doing a full circle we did a right turn heading for Bradwell, Tideswell, Taddington, passed Monsal Head. Ending our journey at Yonderman Cafe,  very busy, popular place. After ordering our food we sat down to enjoy the chat with the group until the food arrived.

It was a GREAT drive we all enjoyed our trip into Derbyshire ( Plus NO

RAIN ) and the food was excellent.

We ALL thank Alan for our Tour-de Yorkshire, showing us a bit more of our beautiful country side, we are very lucky to have all that on our door step.

Looking forward to the next run.


MX-5 Owners Club