This year’s MX-5 National Rally is happening on Sunday the 24th September at the British Motor Museum and is set to be a great day. Continually building on 23 years of fantastic National Rallies we are back at it once again to present the UK’s biggest and best MX-5 event. Here is just a quick look at five reasons why you should be excited for this great event.

British Motor Museum

Your entry into our MX-5 National Rally also allows you to visit the British Motor Museum throughout your day there. This give you the chance to see the progression and innovation that has gone into the development of the British car industry to make it what it is today. With nearly 300 classic cars preserved in this collection we are sure that those brought along to our MX-5 event how aren’t as heavily invested in MX-5s as our loyal fans are will find a selection of cars that will interest them. One top of this the museum also provides you with the chance to read more about the the deep history that surrounds all the cars in the selection.

Fuzz Townshend

The great automotive TV presenter Fuzz Townshend will be joining us for this year’s National Rally on Sunday 24th September.
I’m sure any of you already know him as he is well known name within the car enthusiast community. He has presented and wrote for a number of different shows and automotive news outlets, such as National Geographic Channel’s Car SOS and Classic Car Weekly.
He should especially be familiar to our MX-5 owners, for owning and enjoying his very own MX-5. So don’t miss out of Fuzz sharing his knowledge and expertise as well as his passion for the MX-5 at our National Rally live in the Museum Atrium at 11.15am and again at 1.45pm. It’s free to attend the talks but there are limited spaces so be quick!
We look forward to having him at the world’s biggest MX-5 event. We think he’ll be very happy there!

MX-5 Competition

The MX-5 Competition is a big part of our rally as if gives the whole MX-5 community the opportunity to get involved and show off the time and money they have put into preserving or changing their cars to make each and everyone of them great in their own way. Our range of different competition classes mean neither modification or high milage will prevent MX-5 owners from being able to enter all will be in for the chance of winning in their respective categories.

Special Edition Display

Our Special Edition Display will be a sight to behold. Charting the history of the MX-5 in the UK our display you are sure to find one of every special edition release that has been in produced for the UK market, from all the generations starting all the way back with the rare limited edition BBR MK1 all the way up to the very latest Launch Edition RF. This display allows MX-5 enthusiasts to see first-hand the massive range within cars that make up our great community.

Traders, Marketplace & Lifestyle Market

This event isn’t just for seeing other gorgeous MX-5s but also the chance for our MX-5 owners buy parts to add to, and upgrade their cars. With exclusive discounts and offers from MX-5 suppliers this is the best chance to find perfect parts and accessories to restore or improve your car. Similarly our range of stalls run by MX-5 owners allows them to get pass on unwanted parts and for you to get a great deal. We understand that our MX-5 orientated stalls may not be for all attendees which is why we have  set up a Lifestyle Market with a range of stalls that all the family will enjoy as well .

MX-5 Owners Club