Our National Rally is a great chance to pick up parts and spares for your MX-5, take a look below at some of the great deals you can pick up on the day.

MX-5 Parts

Are you looking to improve the performance of your MX-5, or in the process of restoring one to its former glory? Then you are in for treat, MX-5 Parts is offering 10% off all their stock for this year’s national rally. From badges to hoods they have it all, ready to make your MX-5 look fantastic. On top of this great discount MX-5 Parts are offering free delivery on all their products so even if you end buying what is essentially in a car in parts you won’t have worry about getting it home.

MX-5 Tech

MX-5 Tech is constantly innovating its specialised gadget and mods to provides MX-5 owners with the best software for maintaining and personalising their car. They are back at it again with their latest range of gadget and mods. Attendees of this year’s national will be able to get MX-5 Tech’s new and sophisticated diagnostic tool for the MK1 & MK2 so they can make sure their car keeps on purring. For those looking to really personalise their car and its settings they can get a programmable MK1 dashboard with adjustable warning lights for fuel, oil and temperature to provide an individualize driving experience. Lastly, they offer to modify one of MX-5 most iconic features, the popup headlights to give you the Ultimate Wink mod. All their gadget and mods usually come at the standardised price of £49.99 but for our rally only they are offering them for £39.99.

The Nicoman

The Nicoman are providing exclusive deals for their unique and bespoke car mat sets. Normally they would sell a set of 2 for £40 and £60-£65 for a full set of 4 however but they are offering fantastic deals for our rally. Make sure your MX-5 looks fantastic inside and out by visiting their stall and getting their high-quality mats at the reduced price of £30 or for the equally cheap price of £50 for all other vehicles.

Steel City MX-5

Are you a speed demon who loves racing your MX-5, taking it on track days and autocrosses? You need to have the best equipment to make it the perfect machine to tear round corners and handle well. This year’s national Rally Steel City MX-5 will have a range of special promotions on new harness bars for MK1s and MK2s.


Nubawax Car Care

Nubawax Car Care understands that you want to use only the best cleaning products for your car, that is why they have put together the New Naviwax Ultimate Blue Box Set. This premium quality Box set includes Sponge, Cloth and 50g Naviwax Ultimate Wax, which contains 5 whole applications worth of wax for your car. If that wasn’t enough this box set comes with their guaranteed one year’s protection. This great box set will be available at our rally for Offer £25.00 or if you would like it home delivered for £30. Moreover, there will be 10% discount on all their products on the day (while stocks last!) so be sure to head over to their stall.

Vacwash Spares

To get the perfect finish when cleaning your car, you need the right equipment for the job. Vacwash Spares has a range of high quality tools and products to really make your car shine. As by fate they have recently got a whole bunch of new lines in just in time for our national rally. From a set of good quality wheel woollies at £25 to luxury drying towels you are sure you to find what you need to make your car look pristine so do give their stall a look in on the day.

Dent Devils

As a special offer, just for our spectacular event Dent Devils are providing paintless dent removals at 20% off standard prices so be sure to go there to sort out any cosmetic damages your car may have.



Has this whetted your appetite for the Rally this weekend? Read our full list of exhibitors on our National Rally site HERE.

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