There’s a lot to love about the MX-5 and plenty of great things about the car that one would want to show off. The task for Mazda is to make the car appealing to as many new and potential customers as possible. Sometimes they focus on the great balance of the car, and sometimes the driver involvement the little roadster offers. Clearly Mazda have done a great job of marketing the car (although it could be argued the car markets itself) but it’s still refreshing to see the different tactics they’ve employed over the years.


We’ve taken the arduous task of finding some of our favourite MX-5 adverts from across the internet and assembling them for you below. There have been some funny angles, some cringeworthy angles and some sleek and beautiful angles on Miata advertising – here are some of our favourites.


MX-5 NC with attitude


NA Miata commercial (1990)


Australian NA advert (1993)


A Driver’s life – Mazda Canada

Finally THAT zoom zoom advert.


Which is your favourite advert? Did a TV advert help you decide it was the right car for you? Let us know in the comments


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