The meet up was at Raystede Animal Sanctuary just outside of Ringmer, who seemed to be quite happy to take us for an early start meet in their cafe.  Altogether there were about 15 or 16 cars, which looked very impressive all parked up together.

Members were from not only East Sussex but Sussex Downs and about five cars had made a very early start from Kent so bacon rolls and hot strong coffee were very welcome to some.

We snaked our way along the country roads and lanes swirling up the fallen leaves and leaving one particular gentleman with a leaf blower looking very crestfallen as we passed him by.


Eventually we reached our destination of Wakehurst Place who had put a large sign up for us saying “MX5s” with an arrow pointing to our designated parking area.  Here we met up with some other members that were not joining in on the run.

Wakehurst was, as usual at this time of year, spectacular.  The walks were lovely and the weather being so warm and sunny allowed us to picnic in the grounds drinking in the views.



On leaving Wakehurst we decided that it was too early to finish our very enjoyable day so another run through the Sussex countryside along to Heaven Farm where we had tea and homemade cakes and scones before saying our goodbyes.

Altogether a brilliant day out

MX-5 Owners Club