As most of you will be aware we held our AGM yesterday evening at the Maynard Sinclair Pavilion. A number of items were discussed – I will give you a quick resume of the discussions.


Peter provided feedback from his recent attendance to the UK AGM.


At the last meeting it was decided to open the Facebook page to allow all members to post new posts (rather than just commenting on posts already there). This arrangement has been monitored and it was felt that this was working OK. Posts will still be subject to approval by the Admin team, before they are posted. Discussion also took place about whether the Facebook Group should be opened to non-members, however it was agreed that this would not be done as it was felt that the purpose of this FB Group was to keep members aware of Area news, upcoming events and runs etc and was not a general discussion forum for the public to chat on.


There has been a good response to the Christmas Dinner, planned for Saturday 9 December with 31 people booked so far. Most have now paid, but if you have not, can you organise this as soon as possible with Joan Shanley on 07715485471. It was suggested and agreed that everyone attending could bring along a parcel/present for the raffle and these will be given away in a free raffle on the night. Each present/parcel should be well wrapped to disguise what is actually in it.

4. Boxing Day Run

This is as previously advertised and will set out at 11am on 26 December from McDonalds sprucefield. Further details will be issued nearer the time.

5. PLANS FOR 2018

A few ideas for events were suggested along with the usual favourites from previous years. Planning meetings will take place on the 2nd Wedesday’s of January and February where these will be firmed up.


It was agreed that the Club Meetings would continue to take place at the Pavilion in Dundonald – provided the Club were willing to cover the costs of the room hire. In order to be able to make use of the facilities at the Pavilion, it requires a Club member to take out Membership of the Civil Service Sports Association. This currently costs just under £115 per year or £9.58 per month.


As you will be aware from previous discussions Peter and I had planned to retire from the position of joints AC’s this year. Peter had proposed that a new joint AC could take over for a 2 year period and after the first year they could be joined by a second AC, who would also serve for a year, i.e. overlap each time by 1 year. Neil Stevenson has very kindly agreed to take up the reigns for 2 years and will share the position for the first year with Peter – to provide continuity. Peter will then stand down after 1 year and someone else will then join Neil for the second year and so on. Hopefully this will create an opportunity for some new ideas and divergence and will make it less onerous for someone to take on the role without feeling that they are ‘stuck with it’ for a longer period of time. An AC will of course be able to stay on for longer by mutual agreement with the members if they so wish.

I will now retire from the role of joint AC with effect from the end of this year and I would take this opportunity of wishing Neil ‘all the best’ in his new role. I will of course be around to provide any support that is needed for some time.


On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank Club Member, Robert Adair for his interesting talk on how Oil is refined, to produce that ‘special liquid’ that keeps all our MX-5 running smoothly every day. I was just thinking that in a number of year’s time maybe a Club member will be standing up giving a talk on how Electricity is produced to keep our Electric MX-5 whirring along – it won’t be quite the same, will it? Certainly not for those of us who consider ourselves to be ‘Petrol Heads! I wonder what the equivalent will then be to ‘Petrol head’ – “Bright Sparks” maybe?


I will see a good number of you at the Christmas Dinner, but for those that I won’t, I would wish you an early Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy 2018.



MX-5 Owners Club