Fourteen cars set of from the Moorlands. The weather was dull, a slight fall of rain, but who cares. Tops down we set off towards Fox House, doing a left turn towards Grindleford. winding our way back to Bretton, passing The Barrel Inn. The view on a hot sunny day is spectacular, (but unfortunately not today) Great Hucklow, Great Longstone just to name a few, until we entered The Peak Forest. Sharp bends and very steep hills.

We then began our way down passing through Buxton, then up Goyt Valley, very narrow, deep drops, fortunately only a one way road. A brilliant road for a sport car.( but not today) a loan cyclist spoiled some of the drivers fun. He must have thought YOU WILL NOT PASS, so he stayed in the middle of the road.

Once at the top we did have a short toilet stop making our way down, passing the Cat & Fiddle the view over the moors looked very bleak and very unfriendly with the mist. Eventually we got to the Royal Oak for a coffee stop. Only half an hour was spent as we were behind time to reach our destination.

We did see the SUN, for a minute, then it was gone but the temperature had gone up to 9deg. Keeping in convoy was great but towards the end 5 cars did get split up from the front group, so Jenny & Eric took over, they did a brilliant job so we were all soon back together at The Museum Of Childhood.

Nothing had changed since our last visit, but i must say  I was rubbish with the whip and top. Glass cabinets full of memorabilia, some even dating back to the 1800 (even before my time ) Todays children will have missed out on so much fun. We had great fun in the school class room, the teacher was very strict, I was even threatened with the cane. But the blue eyed boy was Andy, (there is always one ) Our visit to the hall was very short, most rooms had been blocked off, no upstairs to view. A magnificent building built in 1660 by George Vernon’s, originally the owner of Haddon Hall. In 1962 it was took over by the National Trust, who restored it to its original beauty.

It was another great day out thanks to OUR P&P double act Burton and Lesley


PS           Even the Very large MR MOON was shining down on us as we made our way home.

Some of the pictures taken on Peaks and Pennines December Sunday Run

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