With Christmas around the corner people are loading up their wagons with trees, presents and festive cheer. However, one criticism made by people clearly not in the know is that the MX-5 can be at times rather impractical, but we’re not having one bit of that sort of chat. With over 50 million miles of headroom on offer, the only limits are those of your imagination.

To show of just how capable of capacity and transporting festive cheer the MX-5 is this Christmas season, we’ve compiled some of the best shots of MX-5s being used as the perfect Christmas wagons. Just be sure to check our winter driving tips for you and your MX-5 before heading out! Click on any of the images to see where they were originally posted.


Credit: AutoBuzz.my


Credit: TW White and Sons


Credit: Fastdruid on Pistonheads


Credit: Mazda MX-5 Club of Victoria & Tasmania


Credit: vicesat on Imgur


Credit: forum.miata.net


Feeling festive yet?

If you’ve got any photos of your 5 getting involved with the festivities let us know in the comments! You can also get yourself and your 5 involved in the Christmas action though our club shop, you can even buy a friend or loved one a year’s membership for Christmas. Take a look at the store here.

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