Mazda recently revealed that they will be beginning factory restorations of MK1 MX-5s, a perfect way to keep your Miata in showroom fresh condition. As of yesterday (13th December) they have been taking commissions from owners, so if you’d like yours to be considered then act fast!

Not only are Mazda retiring older Miatas, as part of the factory restorations programme they will be putting some components back into production like the original soft top, Nardi Wheel and the original Bridgestones. Again, if you’d like any of these then act fast!

The Tokyo Auto Salon is a notoriously restoration and modification themed event, and this makes it the perfect location to display the first of the restored NAs. If you’re interested to see what goes on behind Mazdas doors to restore an NA click HERE for some gorgeous restorations and for the brilliant translations.


Feeling festive yet?

If you’ve got any photos of your 5 getting involved with the festivities let us know in the comments! You can also get yourself and your 5 involved in the Christmas action though our club shop, you can even buy a friend or loved one a year’s membership for Christmas. Take a look at the store here.

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