Timing is everything, they say. Sometimes perfect timing is the result of good judgement and experience, but it can also be the result of sheer luck.

Unfortunately, I think we fit into the latter category. No sooner had we posted a story about tips for driving your MX-5 in winter, than did it start to snow. And boy, did it snow. For us in London and the South it was more of a mild amusement than anything else, but for those members located in the Midlands and the North it turned into a proper hazard.

However, it got us thinking – surely, we must have had members out driving in the snow, so why not put the call out for your pictures? As if to prove our point that MX-5s can make ideal winter cars, we provide you with the highlights supplied to us, grouped by type:

Mk 1:

Blue skies and crisp winter air…. perfect.

‘No officer, I was just finding somewhere to park…’

Okay, so it’s not always top-down weather…

An MX-5 buddy and some wintery roads – what could be better?


Mk 2:


Mk 3:

Mk 4:

And finally, we can’t work out what these ones are. Can you?


Thanks to all the club members for supply these photos. Happy winter driving!

MX-5 Owners Club