So as one year ends another begins. It has been a great year for the MX-5 Owners Club, has 2017, with record growth in membership and fantastic turnouts at both our Spring and National Rallies there is certainly much to be happy about in the MX-5 OC camp this year. To take a look back at a fantastic year we’ve compiled some of our favourite blog posts from 2017.

Our five favourite MX-5 racing liveries


The Mazda MX-5 has always been the purists choice for low weight thrills and soft top antics. On track the MX-5 is known for being the great equaliser allowing great drivers to shine and lesser drivers to be thoroughly shown up.

With the advent of the MX-5 Cup and various private teams using the 5 as their track weapon of choice it is no wonder that there are some fantastic and inspirational liveries out there. We take a look at some of our favourite MX-5 liveries to ever grace the racetrack.

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The six rarest MX-5s on UK roads

Not all cars were created equal – and certainly not in equal numbers. Mazda were not shy about producing special editions of the MX-5, with scores of them leaving the factory to excited new owners.

Mazda claims to have sold over 100,000 MX-5s in the UK alone so you’re used to seeing others on the street in similar specs or guises, but how likely are you to see another special edition driving along the high street? Using UK data you just how many are left registered in the UK – either on the road or SORN’d.

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Photo roundup: Silverstone Classic club stand 2017

Silverstone Classic is over for another year and we’ve had an absolute blast. With over 150 MX-5s on display on Saturday there was plenty going on for owners, club members and non members to enjoy. We also had our parade lap of the GP circuit to celebrate 20 years of the NB, where thankfully the weather held off just long enough to justify the roof down approach for some.

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Which is the best MX-5 steering wheel?

We are lucky with the MX-5 that there are such a range of modifications on the market to tune it to our individual tastes. If you so wish you can tailor your MX-5 to make it truly your own with suspension, exhaust or body mods – the list goes on. Your arms are your only means of contact with the front axle and the key to communicating with the car. It’s no surprise, then, that there is a massive variety of steering wheels to choose from.

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MX-5 Owners Club National Rally photo roundup

As you may have heard by now we had our National Owners Club Rally at the British Motor Museum on Sunday which went down a treat. With over 2,000 MX-5s on display there was certainly no shortage of cars to look at.

A massive thank you to all who attended and to all who made the day possible. In case you couldn’t make the day, here are just a few of our favourite photos from the main arena. Read more and see our photos of the day HERE.

The modified crowd were out in force as well – take a look at the best of the modified MX-5s HERE.



The best MX-5 adverts

There’s a lot to love about the MX-5 and plenty of great things about the car that one would want to show off. The task for Mazda is to make the car appealing to as many new and potential customers as possible. Sometimes they focus on the great balance of the car, and sometimes the driver involvement the little roadster offers. Clearly Mazda have done a great job of marketing the car (although it could be argued the car markets itself) but it’s still refreshing to see the different tactics they’ve employed over the years.

We’ve taken the arduous task of finding some of our favourite MX-5 adverts from across the internet and assembling them for you below. There have been some funny angles, some cringeworthy angles and some sleek and beautiful angles on Miata advertising – here are some of our favourites. Watch the full selection HERE.


Here’s what we took to the NEC Classic Motor Show

Thank you to everyone who came along and engaged with the cars, who spoke to our club representatives and to those who gave their time to man the stand. This fantastic weekend and club presence wouldn’t have been possible without you! See exactly what went on HERE.


Your MX-5s in the recent snow event

No sooner had we posted a story about tips for driving your MX-5 in winter, than did it start to snow. And boy, did it snow. For us in London and the South it was more of a mild amusement than anything else, but for those members located in the Midlands and the North it turned into a proper hazard.
However, it got us thinking – surely, we must have had members out driving in the snow, so why not put the call out for your pictures? As if to prove our point that MX-5s can make ideal winter cars, we provide you with the highlights supplied to us. Read more HERE.



Feeling festive yet?

If you’ve got any photos of your 5 getting involved with the festivities let us know in the comments! You can also get yourself and your 5 involved in the Christmas action though our club shop, you can even buy a friend or loved one a year’s membership for Christmas. Take a look at the store here.

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