The advent of social media has made enjoying cars a whole lot easier. From admiring builds on the other side of the world to finding meets you’d never have heard of, there’s no denying that thanks to social media our lives are much richer places.

Instagram is key to the success of the car scene, allowing easy sharing of photos and content with likeminded individuals and inspiration at your fingertips. Luckily the MX-5 provides the perfect platform on which to get creative and showcase your individuality, meaning there is plenty to chose from for any discerning MX-5 fan.

We’ve taken on the arduous task of searching Instagram for the accounts you really should be following and provided them for you below, just click on them to visit the page. If there are others you think are worth a follow then let us know in the comments!


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Visit mazda_uk


MX-5 Parts

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MX-5 Owners Club (obviously)

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Visit MX-5 MX-5_Roadsters



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Visit Miata.247


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MX-5 Owners Club