Easter is a time for relaxation. There are Easter egg hunts, laughing children, hot-cross buns, obscene amounts of chocolate, trips away, and families gathering to spend quality time with each other.

But let’s be honest – anyone who’s not a little bit over it all by day three is either a better person than I am or has a seriously time-consuming project to get on with. Assuming that you aren’t taking advantage of the break to make headway into a project car build or an overdue home renovation task, you sometimes just need to get out for a few hours.

There are only so many family catch-ups and embarrassingly early chocolate binges to endure before you wince, so why not go driving instead? Never mind what the BBC says about driving over holiday periods – right now is one of the best times of the year to be on the road.

The chief reason for this is that so long as you avoid the major holiday congestion points (airports, major motorways, outlet shopping malls), and especially if you go early in the morning, the roads can be predominantly empty. And that’s in the major metropolitan areas. Head out to the countryside, and thousands of miles of the UK’s best driving roads are practically deserted and waiting.

Sure, the pretty tourist towns will be overflowing as people seek to make the best use of the break. But these people will be with their significant others, hunting for Devonshire teas and knick-knacks. It may take a little more planning and map-studying, but the little roads that go from nowhere to nowhere will be deserted. There’ll be no lorries collecting milk from farmers or vans making deliveries on Easter Monday.

It’s even better if you’ll be away over the period. No matter where you are on this compact island, there are driving roads to be hunted down and enjoyed. They may not be the trademark routes that are shown on Top Gear, but no matter where you are in the UK, you can find somewhere nearby to have some fun.

By day three or four of the Easter break, you are blessed with the perfect excuse to duck out for a couple of hours. You’ve just spent the last few days entertaining Aunt Greta and your cousin with the odd-looking nose. You’ve done everything that’s expected of you, and more. So surely, you’ve earned a bit of one-on-one time with your Special Someone? Your partner can probably come for the drive, as well.

And finally, nobody is ever truly busy over this period. Even if your driving buddy already has plans, it’s unlikely to be for anything that can’t be canceled with a good enough excuse. Nothing too serious is ever planned for Easter.
Driving for enjoyment over the Easter break almost seems a little antisocial, but it shouldn’t.

So, here’s what you need to do. Go to Google Maps, and look at the roads surrounding your location. Fan out fifty or sixty miles to find a coffee shop or a pub, and then ring a friend and say ‘I’ll meet you there in three hours’ time!’

That’s the true way to appreciate the Easter break. Enjoy.

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