What a great day out from start to finish.  About a week before we spoke to Heaven Farm and asked about the bluebells and there were none.  The really cold weather that we had been having saw to that.  But never mind Heaven Farm is a lovely place to visit so the event was going ahead anyway.  Fortunately the sun shone down on us for a whole week and the day itself was so warm and sunny it was like being in the middle of a Summers day.  We had cars from East Sussex, Solent, London, Kent, and Sussex Downs.  We had our picnic first 

and then strolled around the grounds viewing and smelling the bluebells that all seemed to have come alive on the day to give us a magnificent display.


And then what could be better than having a cup of tea with some lovely homemade cakes in the sunshine to complete our day.

Don’t know who this cocky little fellow is but no-one gave him any cake

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