We’ve been sitting pretty with the Mk4 ND MX-5 for nearly four years now. And as much as we love the angular looks and performance from the 1.5 and 2.0-litre engines we can’t help but look to the future. Like with the Mk2 and Mk3 cars we are expecting a mid-lifecycle refresh around the car’s fifth birthday, so what are we looking for from the MK4.5 or NDA, or whichever title Mazda give this incarnation?

Given Mazda are aiming to position themselves towards the upper echelons of luxury Japanese cars, wouldn’t it be fun to have the Mk4.5 in more colours? We’ve enjoyed a series of cool greys and moody tones, but after the launch of the RF Sport Black in, ahem, Eternal Blue it would be nice to see some punchy colours across the board. Could you imagine a Yellow ND with dark wheels and the factory aero bits? What a combination! How about a forest / dark green on the angular Mk4 fascia? Unbeatable!

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Much attention has been given to the innovations Mazda has made in their Skyactive engines, the variable compression SkyActiv-X engine Mazda is working on would be an unbeatable addition to the MX-5 family. While such changes are unlikely for the Facelift Mk4 given Mazda’s incremental approach to improvements, there are rumours of a power hike…

If the Internet is to be believed Mazda is planning to boost the power output from 155bhp to 181bhp. Mazda has stated that the SkyActiv-X engine won’t be making it to the MX-5 any time soon, so where will these performance gains come from? The 2.0 Litre SkyActiv unit in its most powerful guise produces 162 bhp in some Mazda-3 models, so it’s anyone’s guess where the extra power might come from – forced induction? Whisper it but it’s a possibility.

Would Mazda sacrifice the purist thrills of the naturally aspirated MX-5 for power and efficiency gains? We’re not so sure.

Due to their incremental approach, Mazda has been improving the suspension each year on the Mk4 so it’s unlikely any significant upgrades are coming. It would be nice to see the option of some more bespoke suspension setups, or maybe a fully adjustable unit on future MX-5s to allow the enthusiasts to configure their cars to their liking. More customisation would be something we’d love to see in the future as well, as a company with premium ambitions Mazda could offer a greater variety of custom touches to cars, similar to how cars are offered in the U.S. This is before we even mention the carbon hardtop the Abarth 124 has just received…

The Brembo and BBS kit would be very well received on this side of the Atlantic, as well as the option to specify uprated seats. Maybe an increased variety of colours coupled with more custom touches and a power boost might usher in a new wave of MX-5 owners? The spirit of the original MX-5 is not lost in the Mk4 but there are more than a few ways that Mazda can broaden the appeal with future MX-5s.

Typically we wait around five years to see the facelifted MX-5 so we wait with baited breath to see what we are offered from the factory, here’s hoping it makes the already great Mk4 an even more enjoyable platform!


Words by George Cheetham
Photos by George Cheetham, Andrew Coles, Iain Fleming and Leftlanenews.com

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