We don’t need to tell you that summer is well and truly here. This heatwave we’re dealing with has changed the British cries from ‘it’s too cold’ to ‘it’s too bloody hot’. It appears we can’t be pleased. One sure-fire way of cooling yourself down during this Saharan summer is to bin the roof and go for a good old drive in the Great British countryside. It’s for your own good, of course.

Luckily, as a club catering to the best driving sports car around, we’ve got a whole host of suggestions for great roads you can take your 5. We can’t provide the sun cream, (buy an MX-5 Owners Club hat HERE) but we can provide the maps. Here’s a look at the best driving roads for you and your MX-5 to tackle this summer. If you’ve got any suggestions, let us know in the comments.


North Coast 500

This was an obvious one to start with, but for a good reason. The North Coast 500 is arguably one of the greatest stretches of road on this island, and since it’s so darned long, there are plenty of little snippets for you to enjoy with your MX-5. The route begins and ends in Inverness at Inverness Castle and is fairly well documented, take a look at the NC500 website HERE for more information.


Cornwall – Newquay to Padstow

From one end of the country to the other, if you’re down in Cornwall over the summer this road is best enjoyed early in the day to avoid other motorists and the mobile home army ruining your fun. The B3276 from Newquay up to Padstow takes you past the most beautiful beaches and bays – Watergate bay, Bedruthan steps and Mawganporth will give you some great views while the road will keep you and your car busy.


Evo Triangle – A5, A543 to B4501

If it’s good enough for EVO then it’s certainly good enough for you and I. The EVO triangle in north Wales is where the leading journalists of the last 25 years have tested the latest and greatest performance cars, benchmarking them all on the same stretch of road. Comprising the A5, A543 and B4501 the EVO triangle is a proper driver’s road and ideal for a nice jaunt in an MX-5. It’s popular and some people will see this as their personal track so have your wits about you and be safe, both from speed and from sheep – this is Wales after all.


Northumberland – A68 to Carter Bar

In God’s own country there are plenty of great roads, take a look on our forum HERE, but we’ve chosen the A68 from Newcastle up to Carters Bar via Northumberland National Park. There are staggering views up by the borders on the moors, and the A68 is the perfect place for it. Or if the weather is nice, shift to the east and take the A1 to Berwick upon-Tweed along the coast, for some idyllic views of Bamburgh Castle and the coast, a sight straight out of Game of Thrones.

There are far more beautiful roads within the UK, but some gems are best left hidden, do you have any secret roads you’d like to let other people play with? Let us know in the comments! Or if you’re looking for even more roads for you and your 5 – become a member and join in the forum discussion HERE.

But for now, get out and get driving!

MX-5 Owners Club