The humble NA MX-5 is a car for all people, it’s cheap, easy to maintain and a hoot to drive. Due to the high numbers of them on the road, they are also somewhat of a bargain with miles of motoring fun available for under £1,500.

In a world where tech advances to quickly it is crazy to think that the latest ‘bells and whistles’ iPhone, the iPhone XS Max, costs roughly the same as a used MX-5 at the princely sum of £1,449. The question must be asked, then, which is better value? Let’s compare.


The iPhone will be irrelevant and outdated in 5 years, the MX-5 will still be just as relevant, if not more so given its low price point.

The NA MX-5 has pop up headlights – the iPhone XS Max does not. Both do, however, have flashlights.

With 512GB of storage, the iPhone XS Max is the highest capacity iPhone yet. The MX-5 has a boot, and if you’re lucky a luggage rack, or cup holders, or both.

Neither have a headphone jack.

The iPhone has an incredibly sharp display, the MX-5 displays have a plastic cover so you can’t hurt yourself. Advantage MX-5.



You can’t drop an MX-5 in the pub and crack it.

Both are said to be water resistant – neither really are.

The new iPhone is 50% faster; if you lost 50% of your weight so too would your MX-5.

An iPhone with a connection to the internet will let you access dating apps. The MX-5 has famously struggled where dating is concerned.

The MX-5 will have a higher resale value than an iPhone.

There is no iPhone XS Max Owners Club, and certainly no iPhone XS Max Owners Club Instagram page – we have one, follow us HERE!

You can’t do a lap of Silverstone on an iPhone XS Max, but you can in an MX-5, and we did, check it HERE.

The iPhone XS Max is too big to fit in your hand or pocket. The same is true of the MX-5.


So there we have it, a list of the pros and cons of the iPhone XS Max vs a cheap NA MX-5, which would you choose after reading this? Let us know in the comments!

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