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Another year has flown by, packed with brilliant runs to places we hadn’t been to or revisited.
Ending the year with our first Christmas meal at The Rockingham Arms. A full turn out, and a very enjoyable meal, followed by our monthly meeting. Burton has got 2019 nearly covered ( I don’t know how he does it )
The last run of the year started at Towsure Hillsbrough, A good turnout of 14 cars, not bad for the type of day, dull and drizzle.Tops down we headed towards Rivelin Vally, passing through Bamford.
Taking a left towards Hathersage. We then started to climb towards the Gliding Club. Roads that had twists and turns, taking it very carefully as the roads were rather muddy due to all the rain and the fall of leaves. Passing through Foolow and Eyam. Our first coffee stop. It was a lovely cafe selling all great drinks and cakes. Sorry Gill never got her mulled wine.
Getting back to the cars, we carried on through Stoney Middleton, Calver, Eastmoor, Holymoorside, Hockley, names and places we have never heard of. There wasn’t much traffic on the roads so we all stuck together,soon arriving at Hardwick Hall.
The magnificent building were first owned by Bess of Hardwick in the 15th century then her descendants carried on her vision making beautiful Tapestries to fill The Long Gallery telling the biblical story of Gideon. To this day the Tapestries are still being restored after 100 of years. Making Hardwick Hall what it is today.
The upstairs and Long Gallery were closed to the public. If people wishing to see these fabulous tapestries i would suggest a visit in summer when all Hardwick Hall is open to the public.
After spending a few enjoyable hours at the Hall we made our way to Riverside at Chesterfield, all to eat a hearty meal (and still as good as the last time we were there )
It was a lovely day out enjoyed by all. No sun today, but we can’t be lucky all the time. At least it didn’t snow.
Thank you Burton and Lesley for putting the time and effort in for us to enjoy.
Wishing A Merry Christmas and a Great New Year to all MX5 owners

MX-5 Owners Club