Words and images by George Cheetham

Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage, if you’ve not been to or heard of it before, is fast becoming a staple of the UK car scene. The cars and coffee of the Midlands, if you will.

Staged at Bicester Heritage, the ex WWII RAF bomber base and airfield in the heart of Oxfordshire, Sunday Scramble occupies possibly the most appropriate setting imaginable for an immersive classic and modern car show. Picture tastefully restored barracks transformed into a Classic Car restoration hub, the aesthetic is bang on the money here.

Not only is the aesthetic on point, so too is the purpose. Bicester Heritage is dedicated to preserving the passion for classic cars and keeping some of the UK’s best-loved classics on the road, and as such houses some truly amazing bespoke workshops and facilities dedicated to preserving classics and classic mechanical skills. Think of this as a safe space for cars and car fans.

As such, car fans flock to Bicester Heritage for their quarterly early morning meets – the Sunday Scrambles. This weekend we kicked off 2019 with the first of the year, and famously the most hostile. In 2018 the weather was arctic, with icy winds and sub-zero temperatures biting at the attendees and thinning the herd to the devotees. This year, not so much.

Thanks to the mild weather we were fortunate enough to have what felt like the whole of Oxfordshire join in the fun, in all manner of machinery! If you could dream it, it was probably there at Sunday scramble, from Aventador S Roadster to Blower Bentleys around the show. The eclectic mix of metal was truly what made Scramble so special.

Along with several other Clubs we parked just outside of the main compound on the test track and had an amazing display of MX-5s that had braved the cool weather and grimy roads. Those who joined us were treated to the best that the UK has to offer like a Fiat X1/9 Prototipo, McLaren 600LT, Ruf RCT Evo and a Williams Formula 1 car courtesy of Sports Purpose.

In all we couldn’t have wished for a better Sunday Scramble, if you’ve not come then make sure you do for the next one, we will see you there in April!



MX-5 Owners Club