The Kelham Island Museum

In one of the city’s oldest industrial districts, the museum stands on a man-made island over 900 years old.

Kelham Island Museum was opened in 1982 to house the objects, pictures and archive material representing Sheffield’s industrial story.

Our interactive galleries tell the story from light trades and skilled workmanship to mass production and what it was like to live and work in Sheffield during the Industrial Revolution.

Follow the growth of the steel city through the Victorian Era and two world wars to see how steelmaking forged both the city of today and the world!

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by our Roving Reporter

MADE   IN SHEFFIELD                                                                                                         10 2 2019

We started off at the Moorlands, a bit dull and cool, 24 cars decided to brave the day. Some with tops down, and some with tops up, (come on people don’t let P&P down ) Turning right to Curbar, through Calver, Stony Middleton, Housley, past our favourite January Sunday winter cafe  (Yondermans Cafe ) Coming out of Bradwell our new RED leader took a left too quick, that was no problem, we could see MX5 on the High road while we were on the Low road, missing out Bamford. We all came together near Derwent Valley Dams. Parking up at Fairholmes car park near the Dam wall. A coffee and snack to warm us up before we walked to the cascading wall of water that was flowing over the Dam. A group photo, and a one minute silence for one of our dear friends, Sally, a young, long standing member.

Returning to our cars we made our way to Glossop. Slight rain, but nothing to worry about. Through a very busy Tintwistle, Crowden A left turn towards Dunford, Townhead, Carlecotes, Past the wind turbines, (road surface not very good for taking pictures while on the move) We are not sure what went wrong but some seemed to take a different route, but all’s well that ended well, we all made it to Kelham Island Museum, once we had got out of the traffic jam due to road works.

It has stood on a man made island for over 900 years. The first thing to see was the Bessemer Converter, only 3 left in the world. The beginning of Mass Steel production in Sheffield.

Next was the Power House, where the River Don Engine Boiler was housed. Weighing 400 tons and running on 12,000 horsepower, powered up at 3pm for us to see it in all its glory.

Built in 1905 and still in use at British Steel Corporation’s River Don Works until 1978 it was the most powerful steam engine in Britain.

The Hawley Gallery with over 100,000 tools on show, salvaged from 1927 to 2014

All MADE IN SHEFFIELD So many more items to see, old cars, motor bikes, milk float. Plenty of memorabilia.

All MADE IN SHEFFIELD How sad to think what Sheffield has lost over the years.

I could go on forever, but I think if I have wet your appetite you MUST go and see for yourself.

Our thanks once again for a wonderful day Burton & Lesley.

I think I speak for all MX5 P&P members


MX-5 Owners Club