One of the main benefits of Club membership is receiving your copy of Soft Top Hardtop every two months. There’s nothing like sitting down to read a fresh magazine and find out about what’s going on with your favourite Sports Car!

However, the club has a massive archive of Soft Top Hardtop magazines, an archive few have had the chance to enjoy yet!

We’re happy to welcome a lot of new members, and as the MX-5 following grows, so too does the club! As such, there are plenty of people who have the opportunity to enjoy Soft Top Hardtop but haven’t. This is why we’re uploading the previous issues for you to enjoy!

As part of our commitment to providing the best membership experience possible, and giving you access to the club’s past, club members can access the previous issues of Soft Top Hardtop on our website. We started uploading them last year and have been uploading the previous issue of Soft Top Hardtop and adding another year to the archive, when the latest issue drops through your door.

What’s better, they’re fully indexed and searchable – so if you want to find an old article on exhaust modification, simply use the search tool (magnifying glass) and search for exhaust and it will show you every time exhaust was mentioned, and in which update.

If you’re a club member, then you’re welcome to access our magazine back issues via our website.

Simply visit, sign in when prompted with your email address and password, and away you go! The magazines are on the website in an e-reader format so you can scroll through on your computer or mobile device, just like when you have the magazine in front of you.

We’ll be keeping these updated over time, so there will always be more to read and more to learn, giving you the most bang for your membership bucks!


MX-5 Owners Club