Highways England, Oil Can Café and the National Mining Museum

Setting off Sunday morning from the Stockyard Hellaby were 18 cars amidst grey skies and rain, our tops stayed up!

We followed our RED leader Burton and Lesley in their new red MX5 Mk4 RF towards Ravenfield also passing our monthly meeting haunt The Rockingham Arms at Wentworth.

Heading through Howbrook, Green Moor and Flouch there was “snow on them there hills”. Then the snow became heavier with a light covering on the roads. This didn’t stop the convoy as we all motored on.

After our stop at the Oil Can Café having being refuelled with teas, coffee and cakes more of our friends joined us now totalling 21 cars. The sun came out so did the rain follow by the hail so the tops stayed up.

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Passing through Shelley and Roydhouse with stunning views over the valleys, we drove passed Emley More Mast which was built between 1969 –1971 and standing 1,084 Ft. its function is transmitting telecommunications and broadcasting covering much of the north of England.

Our next stop was the National Mining Museum not to visit this time, but for a coffee or a bite to eat whilst we were split into two groups to visit Highways England.

Situated just off the M1 Junction 39 Wakefield, arriving at their location we were taken into a conference room for a very informative talk and visual display.

Highways England is charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A roads. It operates information services through the provision of on-road signage and its traffic England website provides traffic officers to deal with incidents on its networks. Comprising of; over 4,000 miles of roads, bridges, tunnels, drainage systems and technology.

The control room was fascinating with large screens showing the flow of traffic on several major roads simultaneously, with the operators keeping a keen eye out for any problems which may occur.

Another great run

Thank you Burton and Lesley


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