Off we all go again. 22 cars meeting at The Stockyard, Bramley. Weather
was a bit misty but 9 deg, good enough for tops down.
Heading towards Stainton we lost a few of Burtons little chick, but
after doing a U turn they soon joined us. Alan and Christine were still
not accounted for. We headed towards Tickhill, did a right turn to
Oldcoats, then a left towards Blyth. We made our way past Hodsock Hall
(a lovely day out when the snow drops appear )
Going through Clumber Park, we pick up Alan & Christine HURRAH!,
still in convoy and now 10deg we make our way through Edwinstowe. WOW!!
the country smells certainly clear the nasals.
We arrive at Sherwood Forest Railway, A childrens play area (should be )
But if you saw some of the group on Zip wire, slide, roundabout, you
would soon think differently. Also a lovely small gauge railway, runs a
couple of mile down a track, A lovely little train but not made for the
larger person, ( good job our group were all slim ) They also did a good
cup of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.
I guess we are all children at heart.
Once again we are on the road again, passing through Nether Langwith  towards
Bolsover. Some of the group did a few laps around Bolsover, we didn’t
see them again until they reached their destination, but Burton had
given us all co- ordinates for the Sat Nav.
Now only 8 cars were following our leader, the sun was shining and now
Turning right at Revolution House in Old Whittington alongside the Cock
and Magpie pub, where Burton & Lesley had booked a Sunday roast for us all.
Burton and Lesley had also booked a viewing of the Revolution House, a
very beautiful thatched building, built around 1688,an ale house, where
the Earl of Devonshire, the Earl of Danby, Mr John D’Arcy plotted to the
over throw of James 11.
All of Burtons little chicks now all together again we all trooped into
the Cock and Magpie for a lovely carvery.
It has been a busy time for the MX5 club, but thanks once again to B & L
another success to add to their list. It wouldn’t survive long without

Sherwood Forest Railway, home of Nottinghamshire’s only narrow gauge steam railway, nestled in a valley in between Mansfield and the historic village of Edwinstowe.

A 5/8th scale, 15” gauge railway running through cuttings, over level crossings and across traditional farm land, ourThe  railway is run to the Narrow Gauge Railway principles where the little locos were used to build the foundations of roads, larger railways and water navigation’s of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

It was the dark year 1688 when rumour and unrest muttered up and down the country and James II sat uneasily on the throne of England.

On bleak and windswept Whittington Moor stood an alehouse called the Cock and Pynot (a dialect word for magpie). Through the rain, three horsemen rode to this remote place, stepped inside and started plotting to overthrow the King.

These men were the Earl of Devonshire from nearby Chatsworth, the Earl of Danby, and Mr John D’Arcy. Between them, they raised support in the North and Midlands, and planned to offer the Crown to James’ daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William.

William and Mary landed at Torbay in November 1688. The country rose in support and James fled to France. The Revolution was over, but the alehouse at Whittington still stands, with its thatched roof and flower border, and its intriguing name – Revolution House.

Today, Revolution House has a display of 17th Century furniture, and video about the Revolution of 1688


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