Thank you, Simon, for organising this smashing day out.

A great place for a breakfast meet.  The Boathouse had good parking with excellent views and a really really good breakfast menu.  It was a good job we all had a decent breakfast as getting anything to eat or drink up on Beachy Head (due to the sheer number of people) was just not going to happen.

The run up to Beachy Head was perfect timing as we all managed to all get parking spaces just a short walk from The Beachy Head, Vintage Inn, almost next to each other.  Another hour or so and we would not even have got a look in.   The position was perfect.

       Look over that way

    We can see them in the distance

The temperature was cold (and windy) and due to weather conditions, the planes were delayed by an hour or two.  But who cared.  Being up on the cliff tops waiting for the Dakotas to come over with 1000s of others, the patriotism was so warming. Well worth every second.


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