Sometimes, you just know it’s going to be a big one, and the 2019 MX-5 Owners Club National Rally on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September fits firmly into this category.

And why’s that? Well, 2019 is not only the 30th Anniversary of the MX-5 itself, but it’s also the 25th Anniversary of the club.

These alone are two very important reasons why you can’t miss this year’s National Rally, but there’s so much going on that we’ve put together a further list of 10.

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1: You can meet Tom Matano, designer of the original MX-5.

We’re thrilled to announce that Tom Matano, designer of the iconic Mk1 MK-5, will be joining us at the National Rally. And if you get in quickly, there are a handful of tickets remaining for the gala evening where you can have dinner with him.

Want to commend him for that satisfying mechanical clunk when operating the external door handle of the Mk1? Here’s your chance.


2: You can be a part of the Anniversary Display

We’re curating a special gathering of 1989-registered MX-5s and grouping each Anniversary model together. If you have a 1989 MX-5, a Le Mans Edition or an Anniversary Edition, register now to be a part of it. And if you don’t, you can enjoy marveling at rows and rows of identical MX-5s.


3: You can participate in special public road drive-outs

MX-5s are built for driving, which is why this year the National Rally runs for two days. Saturday is all about the driving, and you can join fellow MX-5 drivers on a selection of special runs in the countryside surrounding the British Motor Museum.


4: You can compete in fun driving challenge on both days

True, MX-5s are built for driving and at the National Rally we’re giving you the chance to test your skills on a fun closed course. With hour-long sessions taking place across both days, make sure to get your entry in and have a go!


5: You can visit the latest venue-of-the-moment, Caffeine & Machine, as part of the National Rally

The brilliant Caffeine & Machine venture is an automotive-themed converted pub, and it’s become a perpetual cars and coffee event. The MX-5 Owners Club has reserved spots in both daytime and evening sessions on Saturday September 14th, ensuring that your MX-5 takes pride of place in this bustling hive of car culture.

6: You can bring your MX-5 to Drive-In Movie Night

You know, just like in the old days. Drive-Ins are a thing of the past, but it will make a glorious return during the National Rally. And what’s even better is that in your MX-5, there’s zero chance of the people in the row behind talking over the movie…

7: You can test drive a new Mazda without visiting the dealership

That’s right, Mazda UK will have an official presence and they’re offering test drives, including of the new 2019 MX-5 and RF (the ones with the bigger engine). A short driving route out on public roads will deliver a variety of twists and turns to make the most of the cars, and you won’t have to set foot on a dealer’s forecourt or combat suburban traffic.

8: You can learn how to fix your MX-5, then get discounts on the parts required

Got a job that needs doing on your MX-5? You can call past the Tech Workshop where the club’s own Technical Advisor, Roadster Robbie, will be running drop-in tech sessions and answer your questions.

Then, you can head over to the trade stands to pick up the parts you need, where the biggest names in MX-5 spare parts and accessories will be offering special show discounts.

9: You can check out the British Motor Museum’s famous collection

Entry to the British Motor Museum is included in your Sunday ticket, providing the perfect opportunity to check out their collection.


10: Because entry is free for all members!

That’s right, MX-5 Owners Club members receive two complimentary tickets to the National Rally with every membership!

And if you’re not already a member, you can join the MX-5 Owners Club for just £35! Or, to put it another way… entry to the National Rally is just £35 and comes with a free club membership!

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