The MX5 Owners Club are pleased to announce the 2020 Motorsport programme, comprising of three sprint training days, a track weekend and three other track days.

The season opens 30th May at Curborough for a sprint training day, our return visits to this venue will be 1st August and 19th September. The weekend of 4/5th July will be our track weekend, the club has also agreed a joint track day at Croft on 28th August with the Lotus 7 Drivers Club. The season rounds off with a visit to Oulton Park on 13th November and Brands Hatch on 4th December organised by the ever- efficient Mazda on Track. As you can see a packed programme of events for the Club members to enjoy.

Dates and Prices

Curborough 30th May, 1st August and 19th September

Date                                                      Available from                                                   Price

May 30th                                               1st April 2020                                                      £43.00

August 1st                                            1st June 2020                                                      £43.00

September 19th                                 1st June 2020                                                      £43.00

Maximum of 40 cars per event

Blyton Park 4/5th July weekend

Ticket Type                                         Available from                                                   Price

All day                                                  1st April 2020                                                      £90.00

Morning session                               1st April 2020                                                      £45.00

Afternoon Open Pit Lane              1st April 2020                                                      £60.00

Extra drivers                                       on the day                                                           £25.00

Passengers                                         on the day                                                           £10.00

Maximum of 100 cars per day

Croft 28th August

All day                                                  1st June 2020                                                      £125.00

Extra Drivers                                      on the day                                                           £25.00

Passengers                                         on the day                                                           £10.00

Maximum of 25 cars for this event

Tickets for all the above events will be available from the Club shop on the website from the dates shown.

Mazda on Track

Oulton Park November 13th

Brands Hatch December 4th

Entries for both these events are £125.00 each venue.

Maximum of 20 cars per event

Bookings are made directly with Mazda on Track via their website. Those that wish to participate in these events need to contact to get a discount code, stating which venue, club membership number and a contact phone number.


Things to remember

Check that your car is in a good mechanical condition, check oil and water, bring some with you, topping up of oil is very much standard. Check tyre pressures, bring a pump, you will probably need to inflate tyres for the track.

Make sure you have fitted front and rear towing eyes, do it at the event as driving on the road with them fitted is frowned upon, or worse.

Empty the boot and glove box of all the accumulated junk, also the cabin should have nothing loose to get in the way

If you want to record your Lewis Hamilton impersonation to show on You Tube, your camera needs to be securely mounted, suction cups are absolutely not permitted.

You, and any passengers will need a crash helmet, most venues now insist on the full face flavour, the club has a few that we can loan out, but I would always recommend your own helmet, you know how it has been cared for, after all it is your head.

Bring with you, your e-ticket, club membership card and your photocard driving licence, most important, you will not be allowed on track without it. For those that do not have a photocard licence, yes there are still a few about, you will need to bring your old- style paper licence and a form of photo id such as a passport. You will also need to have completed indemnity forms for all drivers and passengers, some events will want more than one form ie. Croft and Mazda on Track. I f you can have these completed before you get to signing on it really does speed things up.

Sprint training days. We run these days as an opportunity for members to put their toes in the water of competition, no times are published, no trophies awarded. It is a chance to try your hand without any pressure on you. Experienced drivers are on hand to give advice, these days are always popular judging by the speed we sell out of tickets

Track driving can be dangerous and accidents can happen should any one wish to there are companies out there that offer track insurance. The club has a good relationship with Reis Motorsport Insurance, mention you are a member of the owner’s club. They can be contacted on 01159651020.

At all our events this year Roadspeed will be in attendance to help keep your car on the track and hopefully get you home, these guys give up their time free of charge, so if you do have to use their services a few pounds in the hand is always appreciated.

On the subject of money, bring cash with you, not many card machines work in the wilds of the countryside, and you don’t want to be caught short.

After all the, you must do this and don’t forget that, the main thing of the day is be safe, listen to the marshals and instructors, and above all enjoy the day, that what we are all there for.

I look forward to seeing many of the membership at these events over the coming year and hope you all have some great days on the track

Jerry Furner
Mx5 Owners Club
Motorsport Co-Ordinator