The current Covid-19 outbreak is touching all aspects of our lives, and unfortunately but not unexpectedly, the MX-5 Owners Club is not immune from this disruption.

We have witnessed the widespread cancellation of events around the world, and the MX-5 Owners Club is committed to following current government and public health advice relating to events and public gatherings. The advice presently states that all non-essential social contact should be avoided, and at-risk members of our community with underlying health issues and the elderly are now being advised to self-isolate for a period of 12 weeks.

Whilst in a moment of humour we could make the argument that MX-5 Owners Club meets and events are essential social contact, now is the time when social responsibility comes before our passion for these brilliant cars. The sooner that we can bunker down and beat this virus as a community, the sooner we’ll be back up and running and making up for lost time.

Accordingly, the Club has decided to follow Government advice and has advised its Area Coordinators that all monthly meetings, drives and local Club events should be paused until further notice.

This follows the cancellation or postponement of most automotive events in the United Kingdom, including the NEC Restoration Show, the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, and the April Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage. In addition, Motorsport UK have announced that there will be no sanctioned motorsport events until at least the beginning of May.

We would like to stress that the Club offers far more than just physical events, and this news does not mean that the MX-5 Owners Club is not there to support your passion for the MX-5. The weeks ahead are likely to be long, and we want our membership to come together and help each other get through them.

The Club remains a connected network. Many of us will be using this time to be making our MX-5s faster, shinier or sound better. It’s the perfect opportunity to get those jobs done that you’ve been putting off, and the Club is there to support you. We have a highly active and much improved forum with plenty of banter, and the Club is active on Facebook where news, topics of conversation, jokes and memes are regularly shared. Many of our Areas have their own Facebook pages, groups and WhatsApp chats allowing more local discussion to take place. And finally, the Club’s famous printed magazine, Soft Top Hardtop, will soon be arriving to letterboxes all around the country.

Keep the conversation around the country going, and think of your fellow MX-5 drivers during this challenging time. The weeks ahead could be long and potentially lonely for many of us, particularly those who are elderly or at risk, and a quick email or a phone call to talk MX-5s can go a very long way.

Before we know it this will all be behind us and we’ll be back to enjoying our MX-5s and the great camaraderie they bring. Keep an eye on the various Club channels mentioned here for news as it comes to hand, keep your spirits up, and we’ll soon be seeing you out on the road!

For all official Covid-19 news, visit the NHS Covid-19 page by clicking here.

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