We have been receiving a lot of enquiries on what members can and can’t do in their cars during the coronavirus pandemic, so we have put together some guidance to ensure you stay within the law and act in a socially responsible manner as you take your MX-5 out again.

While the government advice has indicated that exercise and some travel distance restrictions have, in part, been relaxed in England, the latest advice urges common sense around taking your car out for leisure drives. And we urge that it’s vitally important that members drive with extra care and consideration in this restricted time.


Can I take my MX-5 for a leisurely drive during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have not yet changed their advice of ‘Stay at Home’ but residents of England are now being told to ‘Stay Alert’.


In England you are currently allowed to:

  • Sit in your local park, play sports with members of your own household, as well as drive to other destinations (though not crossing into devolved nations) to do so.
  • It is also possible to meet one other person in a public space if they maintain social distancing of 2m and use common sense.


Whilst in England there’s no obvious reason why you can’t drive your pride and joy to a location to relax we’d urge ALL drivers to consider these important points:


  • The pandemic is NOT over – the lives of our families and friends are still at risk.
  • Check your car over carefully if it’s not been used for a while, paying particular attention to tyres and brakes.
  • Maintain social distancing of 2m at all times.
  • If you have previously declared your MX-5 as SORN, be sure to update it with the DVLA.
  • If you did not renew your car insurance policy during lockdown, do it now.
  • If your MX-5 needs an MOT, is it current? The six-month extension only applies to cars that were due an MOT AFTER March 30th 2020
  • Do NOT drive out in groups – the government states that we must not meet more than one other person from outside our household, and we must maintain social distancing of 2m.
  • The government has clarified that ‘people may drive to outdoor open spaces irrespective of distance so long as they respect social distancing guidance while they are there’ but it’s important large groups of MX-5 and car owners do not congregate in particular areas.
  • You are an ambassador for MX-5 ownership – the roads may be quieter, but we urge you to drive with care and consideration.
  • Be respectful of all other road users.
  • Do not drive across the Scottish and Welsh borders unless necessary as, currently, those countries are yet to change their rules.

It is important to remember that the changes in guidance are being made regularly and we are keeping a close eye on developments so as always be sure to review the most up-to-date advice from the government.