Hello – I am Andrew Scarlett, the other new boy on the block from Eastern Region.
My wife Hilary and I bought our car when the kids had flown the nest. It is a Mk1 1.6 Monza. It was one owner from new until we bought it in Jan 2012. The car is standard specification other than a roll bar and various wheels and tyres.
We joined the MX5 Owners club the same year and have not looked back since. Somewhere over the years I became Joint Meeting Coordinator of the Cambridgeshire meeting in the Eastern region.
We use the car for various activities including Club weekend pub drives, treasure hunts, National rallies, Track Days, Auto solos, if fact anything we can have fun doing.
It is a fantastic car to drive and is great fun, either pottering along in the sun or pushing it to it’s limits in competition at an auto solo. I must confess to not being a keen car polisher as fellow Eastern members will confirm.
I am looking forward to this new challenge.
Keep safe