BLYTON PARK TRACK DAY – Back to where it all started

In 2012 the Owners Club held a track day organised by a previous motorsport Co-ordinator, Jon Earp, which also involved the successful challenge of trying to break the world record for the most convertibles on track.  The Owners Club has been given the privilege to return to where it all started. The circuit is now owned by Race car manufacturer Ginetta, and we the club have been given the opportunity to have our own track day event. Due to circumstances beyond our control we could only secure a Monday, however there will be the opportunity to camp at the circuit or stay local at one of the many local Bed & Breakfasts on the Sunday Night.  The MX-5 Owners Club is offering its members the opportunity to take part in a Track Day Event on one of the country’s circuits best suited to the MX-5. This event is for MX-5 cars only or kit cars derived from the MX-5. The event is designed specifically to encourage the total novice to come along and enjoy the excitement of taking their car on track in a safe and controlled environment.  There will be qualified instructors and experienced drivers giving guidance on how to drive your car correctly and safely while on circuit. We will offer novices the chance to have the first 20 minutes on track to themselves.  By the end of the morning you should be well prepared to go out on track full of confidence to enjoy the rest of the day. Due to Covid restrictions Helmets will not be available, members will require to bring their own Helmet, Safety regulation require this to be a full face Helmet if your vehicle is a soft top, or if you are driving with the hood down. An open face helmet will suffice if you have a hard top fitted. Instruction by qualified instructors will be available free of charge, bookable on the day. To help and give support for your cars during the day, Road Speed Classics, a Mazda MX5 Specialist will be available to get you back on track or to get you home should you need it.

You will have the opportunity to have a few hot passenger laps in one of the race cars that will have been brought along especially for the event;

You will be notified when Tickets go on sale on the club store. We are restricted to 60 cars for this event so I recommend that you book as soon as you can, so not to be disappointed. The clubs vision is to encourage as many members to have a go on track in a controlled and secure environment.

Camping is available on the Sunday night; just bring your BBQ and a few beers to make a party of it. If you are not sure, signing on starts at 0730hrs Monday morning.

If you feel you would like advice on how to prepare your car prior to going on track please feel free to contact me via  So how much is this going to cost: to get on track for a full day, it will cost you the very reasonable sum of £115.00, at the moment the going rate with other track day organisers is £149.00. if you want to share a car it will cost £35 for an extra driver. If you feel that you are not competent enough to take your car on track then why not purchase a passenger wrist band for the sum of £10.00 and have fun at somebody else’s expense. These can be purchased on the day. More information is available when booking your tickets on the store and you will receive joining instructions by e-mail prior to the event, so please make sure that your club e-mail address is up to date.

Booking your Track time:  To book your slot on track: just go onto the clubs store web site and click on the Tickets and events Icon. Then click on the Blyton Icon which will open the booking application. You will require to have your Membership number handy.

Book Tickets Here:

So where is Blyton? Blyton Park is approximately five miles North of Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. Full directions will be given when final instructions are sent out.

Motorsport Insurance: As with all motoring activates there is an element of risk. If you feel that you would like to take out track or race insurance for any event, the club has an established relationship with REIS Motorsport Insurance. Advise that you are a member of the MX-5 owners Club when enquiring. They can be contacted on 01159 651020.

Enjoy and stay safe

Peter McNicol